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  1. tomi

    Brillant book
    In the beginning it was dark and GOD said let there be Steinitz, And it was Good;
    then he created disciples who carried the word but he shown his light upon Rubinstein and Kmoch wrote: It was VERY Good;
    then a frustrated math student in Zürich created Prophylaxis, the Dbl Pawn, and the Nimzo-Indian Defence;
    Then God gave his light and his sword to Alekhine who took the ideas of Tarrasch of the IRON Centre and Attacked in waves of genius;
    on the fourth day he created an engineer named Botvinnik who built pawn chains of complexity and who moved and slammed each piece down as if he were to nail them to the cross of 64;
    Then he created a small like man who taught us that we did not need to advance beyond the 3rd rank and gave him the name Suba and his greatest disciple, a Viking, called Andersen;
    On the Sixth day he gave us a poor and humble American GM named Soltis who tried to enlighten the Amateur masses; but he could not rest because his work was not done and so he searched the globe and found a GM with the brain of Pascal and gave him inspiration to write the WORD so all could understand what was before;
    And he said this was VERY Good and so he knew he could rest for the Amateur to the IM now had the WORD to become a GM and so he rested because this Chilean had said it all
    And God was very satisfied and he could rest on the Sabbath because now he was a GM

    on a Brillant piece of Chess literature,.. You will take your place along with Nimzowitsch, Botvinnik, and Suba



  2. Ben

    Mr. Flores, I love your book!
    I enjoyed your book very much, however, I wanted to get your honest opinion.

    I’m a 1700-1800 rated player and I seem to benefit from the book, even though there are some positions that seem to be way above my understanding. Do you think the book is appropriate for my level and what do you think is the best way for an amateur to study your book? So far I’ve been reading the notes & playing through the games (only making the game moves on the board, while all the other variations/annotations I try to picture them to improve my chess vision). Do you think this is the best way to go through the book? Are there any other books/activities you recommend while studying the book?


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    1. Mauricio Flores Post author

      Hi Ben: I am glad you are learning from my book. I think that playing through the game in a board is good. However, back when I had your rating, I also played through the variations on the board, and then I analyzed additional variations on the board on my own.

      I think it’s good to visualize positions in your head in order to improve your vision, but it’s even more important to analyze the position thoroughly.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

      Take care,
      Mauricio Flores


  3. Benedict

    This book gave me my eureka moment! I am starting to appreciate the harmonious relationship between pawns and pieces.

    The book has made me realize that the duty of a chess player (besides checkmating, of course) is to create a pawn structure that allows the optimal mobility and scope for their pieces and at the same inhibits that of their opponents.

    After my first go around with this book I feel like I can free up some of my brainpower from memorizing opening lines. It’s much more effective to understand the strategic effects of the pawn structure: if you take care of your pawns, they’ll take care of your pieces.

    I cannot recommend this book more!

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  4. William

    Hello Grandmaster Mauricio Flores Ríos 🙂 My name is William, And I purchased your book Chess Structures – a Grandmaster Guide when it was released 2015. and I understand that the book was reprinted 2016? And my question to you is? Should I purchase this new printing of the book? Or am I fine with the one I already have? Thank You Grandmaster Mauricio 🙂 Best Regards, William


      1. William

        I’ve been busy as of late Grandmaster I haven’t been able to read it like I should. But after I get some things in order I’m going to get back to reading it HARDCORE! Thank You Again Grandmaster! Best Regards, William


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