In this page I just wanted to share a couple of videos from youtube, in which Chess Structures is discussed. The last video is a TV interview from 2009, I just include for completeness, it’s got some cliche visual effects (like the crowd moving really quickly while a person stands), I just include it in case you are curious.

The first video is an interview I gave for Chessbase at the Chess Olympiad of 2014, and you can see it here:

The next is a video review of my book, which IM John Bartholomew posted on Youtube this past May.

Finally, you can see a TV interview I gave in Chile, for a channel called TVN. The entire interview is in Spanish though. This was done in 2009, back when I was 18. As you can see, there is a hint of orange dye in my hair. I was into that back then…


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