About The Book

Chess Structures – a Grandmaster Guide was published by Quality Chess in 2015. The purpose of this book is to first identify the most commont pawn structures in chess, and then explain how each one of them should be played. My purpose in writing this book was answering many questions I asked myself growing up, like, “Why do I always seem to be worse when I reach this pawn structure?”, or “Will I have an advantage after I place my knight on the outpost?”

You can read a few pages of my book if you download the excerpt: Chess_Structures_Excerpt

Where to Get the Book

The book is available in three formats: PaperBack, Hardback and digital format.

Paper Copy:
If you live in Europe or other countries other than the US, it is probably best to get the book from  Quality Chess directly.

If you live in the US, you can have your pick among many distributors, such as

  1. Chess 4 Less
  2. Books From Europe
  3. USCF Chess Sales
  4. Amazon

Digital Copy
You can get an interacive digital copy through the Forward Chess app, the app itself is free and it allows you to play through the moves of the game with an interactive analysis board. This app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


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